An awesome mobile keyboard for those who don’t like Swype and just want to type.

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Unlimited Options

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Extended Keyboard

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Full Responsive

Works on any devides

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Retina Ready

All devides are pure CSS

Best Mobile Keyboard

The best mobile keyboard is one that enables you to keep features you love about your current keyboard while being able to enjoy a new level of innovation we call an integrated app experience.

We work with all other keyboard development companies to ensure their features are interoperable with ours and because we don’t see them as competitors but rather partners you always get everything you can imagine in a killer app.

Why Choose Us

Build your App With Us

Join our connect network and work with others to create your dream app. Get the required number of up-votes from other customers and we’ll build that app for 30% of the app revenues; delivering 70% of the net app revenue to you in the form of lifetime royalties.

Imagine doing that with no money of your own using all of the professional resources needed to help an app succeed in the market. We work with you developing the feature set, user interface, user experience, graphic (UI) design layout, the wireframes, story boards, statements of work, project management, beta testing, bug fixing, marketing, press releases and application hosting on our portal. Use our royalty management system to track your purchases and analytics which help you tweak your sales performance.

Our connect portal makes it easy for you to track potential OEM offers from leading smartphone manufactures. The publishing of your app on Google, Apple, Amazon or Microsoft Stores will result in lower royalty earning due to their 30% fee conditions; leaving you with 40% of the app’s royalties when monthly checks are sent out from your app sales.

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Trending Responsive Design

At Unifi-Mobile we focus on the unique form factors of any given mobile device and create responsive and ergonomically correct designs which consider the user experience first and it’s commercial appeal as well.

The goal in this approach is to leverage the customers in ways never before attempted taking critical feedback and adapting our designs until we get a 100% enjoyable experience. If your not having the best mobile experience the world has to offer, we don’t have a commercially ready app.

We take mobility serious and focus intensely on a jank/lag free experience for liquid smooth scrolling and control that’s adaptive and highly responsive to any input.

Make your App Mockup with Our Peeps

We have professionals ready and waiting to work with you on the next big thing. We have all the resources anyone would need to get from start to finish.

Start your own App Store Profile

Have an app you already would like to publish with Unifi-Mobile that’s already on the Google, Apple, Amazon or Microsoft Stores? Publish that app on our market and only pay 10% vs. 30% in fees.

Consider promoting your app the same way we do and you can not only gain more traction from others ideas but also more customers from a better more connected experience than just publishing with one of the other stores out there.


Behind The App

Dhawal Jaiswal

Dhawal Jaiswal


Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma

Android Tech Lead

Manish Sindhal

Manish Sindhal

Android Developer

Ankita Seth

Ankita Seth

Sr. Business Developer

Shashank Sanghvi

Shashank Sanghvi


Shivi Rai Jaiswal

Shivi Rai Jaiswal

QA Testing

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Make suggestions to improve it even more and get starting earning royalties for your time, determined efforts and powerful thoughts.

All of our apps incorporate ergonomic usability delivering the best use experience you can get in any app today.

Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar

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Xstreme Player 2

Xstreme Player 2

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Github Plus

Github Plus

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High Quality

Very Flexible

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